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We are a company that provides you with affordable car maintenance for your vehicle by providing you with three quotes from the best companies offering cover for your vehicle. We help you understand the various range of options that are for your vehicle so that you can pick the best one. We are with you every step of the way to make sure you are satisfied with your cover. Get the best cover for your vehicle with us!

affordable cover

We ensure you can find cover at the lowest costs. Our goal is to make sure that you get the cover that fits your budget so that you get the financial peace of mind you deserve.

The right cover

We don't want to overwhelm you by bombarding you with a lot of information at once. That’s why we’re here to help you understand the little details of investing in the right cover.

Best value

You can make sure that the cover that you pick is just right for your vehicle . We help you get into the know-how about the different options offered to you so that you get the right cover!

Get The Most Out Of A Car Maintenance Plan

Keeping your vehicle in top condition with the right car maintenance plan.

the best cover for your vehicle

Hiring a contractor to get the right cover can be quite a scary experience. We spend a lot of money to get a contractor, so we always make sure they are genuine.
Here’s how we’ve made this experience a lot easier.
Do you wonder if your cover is backed by an established company? Don’t worry!
We check the licensing requirements of the company offering you the cover and make sure that they comply. This means we make sure that the company is a registered services provider of vehicle cover.
We verify the insurance coverage of the company for you. For instance if you want to understand the benefits and limitations on a specified cover, we run checks on the company to make sure they have a proof of liability
If you are concerned about the professional conduct of a company offering you cover? Or you’re sceptical about the quality of the service you will receive? You don’t have to worry anymore as we do reference checks for you by contacting former clients to better understand the level of service they’ve received.

We understand that getting the right cover is not always straightforward and simple, but we’re here to help by checking to make sure you’re getting the right level of service for the cover that you pay for.  It definitely helps to know that we always have your back.

We always welcome your feedback with regards to the level of service you’ve received with us. Your satisfaction is important to us. That’s why we now give you the option to actually rate the quality of our service on our website now!

If you have any complaints with regards to your cover or if you’re dissatisfied with the level of service you’re receiving from us.  You can get in touch with us by contacting us!

If you want affordable cover that offers you great value for your vehicle. We can help!

By providing you with 3 independent quotes we make sure that you get the right cover for your vehicles age and mileage.

We narrow down the options for you, but you get the great benefit of being able to choose the cover that you like. Sounds awesome doesn’t it?

Why use us


What people say

I decided to use CarMaintenancePlans.co.za to get cover for my 2007 Honda Civic model. I was sceptical about whether or not I would get cover for my old vehicle as it had been driven for over 800000 km, but I was surprised to see how wrong I was. CarMaintenancePlans.co.za was quick and efficient and they helped me get the cover I needed.
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Lucy Botha
Home Owner
I spend a lot of time in traffic travelling to work and back. I could see it was taking a toll on my vehicle so I decided it was time I got my vehicle insured with a service plan to ensure my vehicle goes in for routine services to keep it in top condition. Using CarMaintenancePlans.co.za to get the right cover was fast and simple. The website was user friendly and easy to understand.
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M Dladla
Business Consultant
I started using CarMaintenancePlans.co.za because I was looking for affordable cover as I’m on a tight budget. I was amazed at how easy it was to navigate my way around the website and get the right cover for my car at the best costs.
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Sandy Treverton
Administrative Assistant
My experience with CarMaintenancePlans.co.za was great. I was able to get cover I needed pretty easily. I had a complaint about the cover I was getting for my mags and wheels and they were quick to help. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone looking to take out cover for their vehicle.
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Rina Abrams
Sales Representative
CarMaintenancePlans.co.za helped me pick out the right cover for my vehicle. My manufacturer’s warranty had expired and I was unsure about what I would do next, but CarMaintenancePlans.co.za helped me realise I could extend the warranty on my car. It was such a huge relief knowing my vehicle was sorted.
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Shan Pillay
Interior Decorator
Quote Requested
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