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Do you often drive on roads with bumps and potholes? We understand that it’s unavoidable. You should consider getting your tyre and rims insured to protect you against damages to your wheels. Nobody wants to constantly have to deal with the damage to their cars tyres & rims due to unforeseen circumstances such as the one mentioned above, now you can get it covered with a tyre & rim warranty!
Tyres & Rims

What a Tyre & Rim Insurance offers you

When you make the decision to purchase a tyre & rim guard you also benefit from a service called fines protect. What fines protect does is it checks, verifies and pursues any action to get your fines reduced! Now you won’t have to experience the shock of unpaid fines at a road block. Getting a tyre and rim guard to protect these parts of your vehicle is so important, because the condition of these vehicle parts plays a big role in your safety.

a tyre and rim insurance is the best investment yet

Tyre and rim guard to protect these parts of your vehicle is so important, because the condition of these vehicle parts plays a big role in your safety.
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tyre & Rim protection that offers you the best value at the lowest price

The right vehicle cover helps us help you claim for the cost of repairing or replacing your tyres and rims.

Getting the best out of Tyre & Rim Insurance

We know how dangerous and unpredictable our roads can be, especially when it comes to potholes! Although we can’t really do anything about them, we can certainly help you You should know that getting a tyre and rim warranty comes with certain limitations. For instance if your car is used for racing purposes, or if your tyres have been rethreaded you won’t be covered. So when you decide to get your tyres and rims covered make sure that these parts are genuine and you haven’t added some kind of upgrade to them that might make your tyre and rim guard null or void. Getting a tyre and rim guard means you get covered for accidental damages too!
What would you do if your tyres were to get punctured while you were travelling on the highway? Or if you were to find out that your rims were damaged? Well, worry no further because we’re here to help you! With the added bonus of Fines protect you are guaranteed discounts on all new traffic fines and you will have access to a hassle free payment facility. You no longer have to wonder if your traffic fines are legitimate, because fines protect will monitor and only alert you to the valid ones.
If you know that your car tyres and rims are covered, you can sleep peacefully knowing that you’ve saved yourself from the financial burden of having to pay every single time your tyre and rims get damaged. Getting the right tyre and rim guard is essential to ensure your vehicle is protected the right way. Getting your tyre and rims insured means all your vehicles repairs are performed at an approved dealership this also guarantees that your vehicle is replaced with genuine parts. Always make sure you read the terms and conditions of your tyre and rim warranty, this way you safeguard yourself from losing out on claims.
If taking care of the safety of your vehicle is important to you, then you will ensure that the safety of your tyres & rims is a priority. You will notice over time that the prices of replacing parts as well as the labour that goes into replacing those parts increases, this can happen yearly, or you might notice it happening on a month to month basis. The fact is, you don’t want to spend all your hard earned money paying for your vehicle every time a part needs to replaced or repaired do you? So your best bet would be get your tyre and rims insured. You can claim if something happens to your wheels. It’s a known fact that the state of the roads in South Africa is deteriorating rapidly, especially with the increase in the number and size of potholes! Scary as that may seem you can now get the assurance you deserve. With this product you will be able to claim for the repair or replacement of these parts.

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