Service Plan

Choosing the right Service plan is easy!

Always having car trouble? Don’t let little problems become big ones. Take action and start saving for a Service plan today! By allowing you to understand what exactly investing in a service plan entails. You get to decide which specific service plan is more suited to your vehicle and your budget of course! You also get to budget for the costs of your vehicles service which makes your life a whole lot easier. If you own an older vehicle that needs to be serviced more regularly then getting a service plan is the right deal for you.
Service Plan

What a service plan offers you

Choosing a service plan gives you the great benefit of being able to budget for the costs of your vehicle, so that you spend less time worrying about your vehicle and more time enjoying taking trips on the open road. Your vehicle gets serviced at an approved dealership using genuine parts. That’s a guarantee! If your car ever breaks down unexpectedly on the side of the road, you can rest assured knowing that you’re covered. Our partners offer you vehicle roadside and emergency assistance.

a service plan that offers you the best value at the lowest price

We want to make sure that you get a service plan that fits your budget and is suited to your vehicles servicing needs.

Reaping the benefits of a Service plan

Making sure that your vehicle runs smoothly and as safely as possible with the right service plan. Worried about the age of your vehicle? It doesn’t matter how old your vehicle is you can get a plan for it, with our help. You have the added benefit of being able to pay a fixed monthly premium. Worried about the rising costs of parts and labour? No more stress! A service plan has those details covered for you. Find out more about what parts are usually covered under a service plan.

Overnight accommodation in the event of an accident.

Car rental.

Flat tyre and battery assistance.

Medical advice and information hotline.

Have you ever had a car breakdown on the side of the road? If so, it can be such a bummer to be stuck on the road especially if it happens at night. Well no more worries, because getting a service plan includes 24 hour roadside and emergency assistance. Your vehicle can be towed away and stored, and you get a courtesy car, all of this at no extra cost! Worried you might be selling your vehicle in the next few years while still under the service plan? That’s okay! The balance of the service plan gets transferred to you.

You don’t have to worry about whether your vehicle will be covered or not. There are plan options available for vehicles of various ages and mileages. Your vehicle is covered irrespective of the car make or model! You also get to choose how much cover you get over a specific mileage or age of your vehicle. We always want to make sure that you don’t have to deal with issues like car breakdowns or accidents on your own!
When you make the decision to invest in a service plan, you not only remove the financial burden off your shoulder but we also ensure that you don’t have to deal with unexpected car trouble on your own. You get to focus on spending more time with your family taking trips or travelling for your holiday, being rest assured that we have your vehicle covered.

Keep your vehicle in top condition

With the right car maintenance plan.
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