Paint Tech Warranty

Get a Paint Tech Warranty & improve the look of your vehicle!

Is your car covered in dents, bumps and scratches? Make your life a whole lot easier and get a paint tech warranty to ensure that your vehicle is covered for that kind of exterior damage!
Paint Tech Warranty

What a Paint Tech Warranty offers you

We inspect your vehicle for any kind of exterior damage. For example if your vehicle suffered any kind of damage due to hail or heavy rain we cover you for the repairs. When you invest in a paint tech warranty, you can be rest assured knowing you won’t have any excess costs to deal with, with regards to damage on the look of your vehicle. If you have any damage to your wheels or mags you can get specific cover to focus on those parts.

a paint tech warranty that offers you the best value at the lowest price

We look at various factors such as how much you’re willing to pay for your cover as well as the specific items you would like to cover.

Keep your vehicle in top condition

Are you considering selling your vehicle soon? Why not get a paint tech warranty to ensure that your vehicles exterior is taken care of so that when you resell your vehicle, it’s still in good condition. If you’re worried about how expensive it will be to pay for your cover, don’t worry, you can select a plan that is within your budget from a wide variety of options.
If there is a chip on the surface of your windscreen, you can get it fixed under a paint tech warranty. This includes stone chips or any cracks. Obviously there are conditions on the extent of the damage that is covered. But we have it sorted for you! If your vehicle has suffered a minor dent due to hail damage we have it covered for you. If there is any damage to your mags and wheels you can get it repaired with the right paint tech warranty. If you have any issues with your air conditioner you can definitely get it sorted out with the right paint tech warranty. You can even get the tar removed from your tyres with us and we even inspect your vehicle to make sure that your vehicle is still in good condition.
You are provided with a range of options with regards to the items you would like to cover. You also get the option of getting cover at the lowest costs with us. We can ensure you that we’ll help you understand the details of the cover you’re looking so that you don’t feel like you’ve been left out. We help you ensure there is no limit on the value of your vehicle. We know what a struggle it is to keep your car looking good but with our help you can ensure your vehicle stays in good condition which optimises its resale value if you ever plan on selling your vehicle in the near future. We always want to ensure the customer is happy and that you get the cover you need for your vehicle.
If you are someone who is completely invested in making sure that your vehicle looks good then investing in a paint tech warranty would be the best for you. Getting a paint tech warranty saves you the trouble of spending money every time your vehicle suffers any kind of exterior damage. Now you can resell your vehicle without worrying about whether or not your vehicle is in good condition. Are you unsure about the quality of the service performed on your vehicle? No more worries! We can ensure you that all the repairs to the damage on your vehicle is performed at an approved dealership.

Keep your vehicle in top condition

With the right car maintenance plan.
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