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Picking the Right Service for Your Vehicle Made Easier

Are you struggling to pick the right cover for your vehicle? Are you unsure about what services are on offer for your car? You will be pleased to know that there is a various range of options for your vehicle today. Are you unsure of the differences between a warranty, a service plan and a maintenance plan? Are you struggling to understand which option is best for you? Well look no further! We are here to help.
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We’re aware how so many of you are sceptical about the dos and don’ts of getting your vehicle the right cover as a first time buyer. It’s so important that you get the right cover because that’s how you’re going to benefit in the long run.

Helping you Buy the Right Cover

If you are struggling to pick the right motor plan extension, or you’re unsure as to whether you need a service plan or maintenance plan. We can help! You can completely free yourself of the worrying by trusting us to make the process easier for you! If you are looking for financial freedom and you want to spend more time focussing on time spent travelling, then getting the right plan for your vehicle is a necessity. You often hear about accidents happening on the road, if you don’t want to find yourself feeling stuck, allow us to help you! If you’ve noticed that your car makes a rattling noise when starting or accelerating the vehicle, you probably have an issue with your cars exhaust system and you might need to get it checked out. Why not let us help you figure out the best way to resolve that issue? You often find yourself driving in terrible weather conditions, this is often unavoidable, but this may start to affect the starting, charging and batteries of your car.

Struggling to decide whether or not you actually need to get your vehicle covered? Allow us to help!

Vehicle CoverIf your vehicle has unexpected breakdowns or you’re stuck on the road with a car tyre, then getting a maintenance plan is just the right solution for you. If your cars manufacturer’s warranty has expired and you’re really not sure how you can extend the warranty or you want to look at the costs involved, we assist you every step of the way. If you are looking to be financially free of paying every single time your needs repairs. Let us help you buy the cover that you are looking for. Are you unsure about which cover you should get for your used car? If you are. No more worries you can start using us to get that problem sorted for you. Have you ever lost control on the road and noticed your vehicle pulling to one side? Or you might notice an excessive noise? This means your steering and suspension components are starting to wear out. Why not start looking to cover your vehicle? To make sure that you prevent this incidence from happening again. If you are unsure whether you need a service plan as a standalone or a maintenance plan, we help you. By looking at what a service plan and a maintenance plan offers your vehicle you get to see which option is good for you.

Which warranty cover is right for you?

In the event that your vehicle suffers a cam-belt failure, a repair job that could cost up to R3000 – a means a dealer/workshop will pay up to R3000 for the repair job. Your car dealer would pay a portion of the costs and the rest you have to pay for. This is where a warranty steps in and helps you pay for the remainder of the costs. Getting a mechanical warranty helps you ensure that your vehicle is also serviced regularly. If you have to travel on roads with potholes or a lot of debris this could puncture your tyres. The safest thing you could do is get a tyre & rim warranty to insure your vehicle against any damages to your wheels. If you want to cover your vehicle for wear and tear items like shock absorbers and brake pad which usually wear out over time and you are looking to cover your vehicle for mechanical components like your engine and gearbox you should definitely look into a Motor Guard 2-in-1.If you own a quad bike or a super bike you can get a leisure extreme warranty.

Get The Most Out Of A Car Maintenance Plan

Keeping your vehicle in top condition with the right car cover.

Motorplan Extension & Costs – is it right for you?

If you own a used vehicle or your cars manufacturer’s warranty has expired, then you would be pleased to know that you can get an extended warranty for that car. Naturally if you were able to afford the used vehicle then taking out an extended motor warranty shouldn’t be a problem for you. Buying a used vehicle shouldn’t be a hassle. You can have the peace of mind you need with the right extended warranty. Extending the cover on your car ensures you vehicle is kept in the best condition. If you want to resell your vehicle anytime soon then extending the cover on your car after the cars manufacturer’s warranty has expired is just what you need. If you own a commercial vehicle like a truck you can now extend the warranty on that vehicle with a motor guard truck warranty extension. You can get cover for a new vehicle and a used vehicle. Isn’t it amazing that you can actually extend the cover on your car even after the cars manufacturer’s warranty has expired? You will be able to sell your vehicle because your car is kept in good condition.

Do I need a Service plan or a Maintenance Plan?

  • When you start your vehicle do you hear a squeaking noise from under the hood or do you notice that your A/C systems fail? This means that the belts and hoses of your vehicle, which are essential for the cooling and air conditioning of your vehicle are starting to deteriorate! You should probably take your vehicle in for a service! Getting a service plan helps you focus on the servicing needs of your car, this becomes more and more important as your vehicle gets older and the value of your vehicle stats to degrade. So start saving now and get your vehicle the best service plan at affordable costs!
  • If you own a younger vehicle that needs to be regularly maintained you should get a maintenance plan. A maintenance plan is all encompassing meaning it offers a warranty for any unexpected breakdown and it also acts a service plan by covering your vehicle for certain wear and tear items like the brakes and filters.
  • Over time you might notice that your brake pedals feel mushy? Or your vehicle needs to pulls to one side when you are braking? No more worries you can get that sorted with the right maintenance plan! Do you often hesitate while accelerating or have you noticed a musty odour in your vehicle? This can mean your filters are wearing out. So what do you need to do? Get a maintenance plan to solve that issue for you today!

Getting the right cover in a nutshell

You are responsible for the health and safety of your vehicle. If the value of your vehicle continues to deteriorate you are the one who will end up paying for it, and if it’s poorly maintained you might end up paying dearly for it.

Keep your vehicle in top condition

With the right car maintenance plan
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