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CarMaintenancePlans.co.za provides you with quotes from the best companies offering car maintenance plans. This gives you the opportunity to compare different car maintenance plans and we help you choose the one that is best suited to your vehicle.

The best quotes

We give you an overview of the products and services offered by our partners so that you get to see the benefits of various car maintenance plans. As a vehicle owner you get to choose the right car maintenance plan from a range of options. By comparing plans you save time and the hassle of looking around for quotes, getting an affordable plan that covers all the necessary aspects of your vehicle.

About us

What we do

Our Vision

With our help, you are guaranteed to get the best cover for your vehicle at the lowest costs. We want to ensure that the cover you get meets your expectations. Over the next five to ten years as a company we plan to expand our level of influence by taking our domain internationally and stating partnerships with more companies offering car cover, by doing this we make sure our clients get the best out of a car cover.


Our ultimate goal is to provide the client with the cover they need at the lowest costs.

  • We would like to extend partnerships with a wider range of companies offering car cover
  • We want to take our brand international
  • We want to broaden our level of influence and reach more clients

Core Values

We ensure that we will help you get the cover you need offering you the peace of mind you deserve:

  • We can ensure you that our partners are backed by an established company offering you genuine service at approved dealerships
  • We help you get directly in contact with the right company
  • We ensure that we will simplify all the details for you
  • You can get cover at the lowest costs with our help
  • We ensure that the information we provide is accurate, so that you can make the best decision with regards to the level of cover you require

Market Differentiation

Our aim is to ensure that the customer is completely satisfied with their cover.

We make sure that the client gets covered at the lowest costs and that they are always in the know how with regards to the extent of the cover they receive for their vehicle.

Get The Most Out Of A Car Maintenance Plan

Keeping your vehicle in top condition with the right car maintenance plan.

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