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the right plan is a registered company that provides you with quotes from leading companies offering you the best cover for your vehicle. By choosing us you are ensured to receive the exceptional service that we would expect ourselves.

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We help you understand the dos and don鈥檛s of investing in a car maintenance plan. We also guarantee you that we help you find affordable cover. We know how finances can often hinder us from making the right choices. That鈥檚 why we鈥檙e here to help.


What people say

I decided to use to get cover for my 2007 Honda Civic model. I was sceptical about whether or not I would get cover for my old vehicle as it had been driven for over 800000 km, but I was surprised to see how wrong I was. was quick and efficient and they helped me get the cover I needed.
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Lucy Botha
Home Owner
I spend a lot of time in traffic travelling to work and back. I could see it was taking a toll on my vehicle so I decided it was time I got my vehicle insured with a service plan to ensure my vehicle goes in for routine services to keep it in top condition. Using to get the right cover was fast and simple. The website was user friendly and easy to understand.
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M Dladla
Business Consultant
I started using because I was looking for affordable cover as I鈥檓 on a tight budget. I was amazed at how easy it was to navigate my way around the website and get the right cover for my car at the best costs.
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Sandy Treverton
Administrative Assistant
My experience with was great. I was able to get cover I needed pretty easily. I had a complaint about the cover I was getting for my mags and wheels and they were quick to help. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone looking to take out cover for their vehicle.
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Rina Abrams
Sales Representative helped me pick out the right cover for my vehicle. My manufacturer鈥檚 warranty had expired and I was unsure about what I would do next, but helped me realise I could extend the warranty on my car. It was such a huge relief knowing my vehicle was sorted.
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Shan Pillay
Interior Decorator
Quote Requested
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